Monitored by our experienced paralegals

We oversee and monitor each step of the legal process ensuring that debt collection strategies are adhered to

DMS - Services

  • DMS works closely with Portfolio Specialists at ANGOR Property Specialists (Pty) Ltd, ensuring that Trustees and Directors debt collection strategies are adhered to.
  • Once handed over to DMS, an arrears account will receive an SMS, followed by a Letter of Demand from our Debt Collection Division.
  • If, after the expiration of the prescribed days no payment has been received, a Final Demand will be sent to the owner.
  • The legal process which follows is monitored by our experienced paralegals. External preferred attorneys are appointed to drive each step of this process from Summons to Warrant of Execution of Immovable property and is overseen by our Director, an admitted attorney.
  • Should a matter become Defended, the normal trial route relating to defended matters will be followed. The Trustees or Directors will be guided accordingly on the best route to follow during this process and will be kept appraised of developments throughout.
  • Monthly integrated reporting and status updates for buildings managed by ANGOR Property Specialists (Pty) Ltd.

The aim of DMS is to manage any arrears that may occur from time to time on your Body Corporate/Homeowners Association accounts.

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The costs involved in the levy collection process are collected by the Managing Agent from the Body Corporate / Homeowners Association, paid over to DMS and recovered from the defaulting owner.

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